Environmental and Product Information

The following information is provided to help you understand the purpose behind the use of environmentally preferable materials in our eco products and to outline some of the benefits of their use.


Recycled Paper Notebooks and other products

Paper use, despite the promise of the 'paperless office' is still responsible for over 15 million hectares of the Earth’s forests being cleared and chipped each year. In Australia over 90% of old growth forests have been cleared or logged, and woodchipping for paper production continues to put pressure on native forests and water catchments; polluting rivers and reducing water supplies and biodiversity.

But there's a better alternative: using 100% Recycled Paper saves resources, energy, water and native forests. One tonne of this paper can save: • 60% water use • 2.5 barrels of oil • 2.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases • 27 kgs of air pollutants • 4 cubic metres of landfill/waste • up to 17 trees.

A wide range of Eco Products such as Notebooks, sticky promo notes, presentation folders, etc are now available in recycled paper.

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