Environmental and Product Information

The following information is provided to help you understand the purpose behind the use of environmentally preferable materials in our eco products and to outline some of the benefits of their use.


Recycled Plastic Products & Bioplastics

Most plastic products and packaging still end up in landfill once they have fulfilled their first use. This wastes the oil used to manufacture the items and pollutes the environment with long-lived waste. One alternative is to collect and sort waste plastic into identical polymer types, so that it can be recycled into useful new products such as outdoor furniture, wood building substitutes, new packaging and even pens and rulers. The recycled plastic pens in our range are made in the EU, Japan & China, while the recycled rulers are made in Australia.

BIOPLASTICS: Another approach to the long-lived nature of plastics and the problems they present in landfill is to include additives in their production which result in an accelerated biodegradable cycle in a common anaerobic landfill environment. In other words the additive helps break up the plastic in landfill to the point where it biodegrades to biogas and a biomass that adds nutrients to the soil. But before such products are discarded as waste, the other good news is that they can be recycled back into other plastic items, thus prolonging the life and usefulness of the polymer.

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