Environmental and Product Information

The following information is provided to help you understand the purpose behind the use of environmentally preferable materials in our eco products and to outline some of the benefits of their use.


Small Energy Saving Products

Batteries power the many portable and small gadgets and appliances that now seem to dominate our lives. But this means that millions of one-use only batteries are disposed of in landfill every year. An incredible waste and a long-term pollution/contamination hazard. Short life or disposable batteries contain hazardous chemicals and heavy metals that have no place in landfill.

To combat the waste of disposable batteries, manufacturers have responded to calls for more renewable energy powered products such as torches, calculators, radios etc, and for energy saving devices. Thus we now see the use of dynamos, wind-up/pump-up charging mechanisms coupled with super energy efficient LED lights and solar recharging for small gadgets and electronics, as well as devices such as eco switches in homes and offices.

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